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996 RWB body kit

Unveiling the Jaw-Dropping RWB Body Kit by Akira Nakai for the Porsche 996 911

RWB 996, RWB 996
RWB 996, RWB 996


The world of automotive customisation has witnessed a revolution with the introduction of RWB (Rauh-Welt Begriff) body kits designed by the legendary Akira Nakai. While RWB is renowned for its awe-inspiring Porsche transformations, the latest buzz in the automotive community centres around the RWB body kit for the Porsche 996 911; we’ll dive into the mesmerising details of this kit, explore Akira Nakai’s artistic vision, and understand how it elevates the iconic Porsche 996 911 to new heights.

The Artistry of Akira Nakai

Akira Nakai, a Japanese mastermind in the world of automotive customisation, has been redefining Porsche cars for over two decades. His signature wide-body kits are renowned for their aggressive yet tasteful designs, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in form and function.

The Porsche 996 911: A Classic Reimagined

The Porsche 996 911, produced from 1997 to 2004, has long been appreciated for its timeless design and exceptional engineering. However, some enthusiasts felt it lacked the flair and presence of more recent Porsche models. Akira Nakai set out to change that perception by crafting a distinctive RWB body kit tailored to the 996.

The RWB Body Kit for the Porsche 996 911

Wide-Body Transformation: The core of any RWB kit is its dramatic wide-body transformation. The kit for the 996 911 enhances the car’s aesthetics with widened fenders and a distinctive stance. The flared arches allow for larger wheels and create a jaw-dropping visual impact that commands attention on the road.

Custom Aero Package: Akira Nakai’s meticulous attention to detail extends to the aerodynamics of the 996 911. The RWB body kit includes a custom front splitter, side skirts, and a rear wing, all designed to improve downforce and stability at high speeds.

Unique Finishes: RWB cars are known for their bold and special colour choices. Nakai’s artistic vision extends to selecting the perfect colour palette to complement the car’s new bodywork. Whether you prefer a classic Porsche finish or a vibrant, head-turning hue, the RWB kit allows for personalisation that reflects your style.

Interior Refinements: While the primary focus of RWB kits is exterior transformation, Nakai doesn’t overlook the interior. Optional interior upgrades, such as custom bucket seats, Alcantara upholstery, and personalised steering wheels, are available to complete the bespoke experience.
Performance and Handling

Beyond its stunning appearance, the RWB kit for the Porsche 996 911 also enhances the car’s performance and handling. The wider track and improved aerodynamics contribute to better road grip and stability, while the option to upgrade suspension components ensures a sportier and more agile driving experience.

The RWB Experience

One of the most distinctive aspects of owning an RWB Porsche is the experience of having Akira Nakai himself install the kit. Nakai’s hands-on approach is a hallmark of RWB, ensuring that every car bears the personal touch of its creator.


The RWB body kit by Akira Nakai for the Porsche 996 911 is a testament to the limitless potential of automotive customisation. With its striking wide-body transformation, aerodynamic enhancements, and personalised touches, it takes an already iconic Porsche model to a new level of allure. Whether you’re a dedicated Porsche enthusiast or appreciate the artistry of automotive design, the RWB body kit for the 996 911 is a masterpiece worth exploring. It’s a thrilling reminder that, in the hands of a true artist like Akira Nakai, even classics can be reborn with a fresh, exhilarating perspective.

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