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Calling From Abroad:
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Unit 8 Coln Industrial Estate,
Old Bath Road, Heathrow,
Colnbrook, Berkshire


The first step is to make an initial contact by completing the enquiry form on our website or calling us. We will subsequently invite you for a brief discussion where we can highlight the entire process; how we move forward will depend on how quickly you want to make it happen. We can project manage the complete build for you so you have our professional guidance to assist you throughout the build.

The main goal being, you end up with a one-off car built to your specification to enjoy for track or street or just a weekend pleasure.

The cost for an RWB will depend on how you want the final production to look; there are many variations you can have, and the price will be calculated accordingly. We can help you go through all options once we have established what you are trying to achieve.

RWB partners do not do this for profit but for the love of the brand. We will forward a proposal to Nakai-San, and once you have been accepted, Nakai-San will issue you an invoice with the bank details so you can transfer the funds directly to Japan. The next thing is to get a build date. Once you have an approximate build date, you can start preparing the car to make it ready to accept the body kit.

Once the RWB body kit is in production, we can give you an approximate cost to budget for things like wheels, suspension, paint, interior, etc.

You can purchase an RWB fully completed; however, the whole idea of owning an RWB is to design and build a vehicle specific to your liking. Sometimes, they come up for sale, and if it fits your needs, then go for it; we’re sure you will find more to do to personalise it.

The only thing to be careful of is vehicle history; not all RWB cars have been formed by Nakai San, and some vehicles started their RWB journey with a terrible condition base car, so always speak to an RWB partner who can advise you on what to look for to avoid costly mistakes, which some people have fallen for.

This is not possible because every RWB around the world, of which there are hundreds, becomes an RWB once the master Nakai-San himself builds it. Nakai-San will fly to where that car is located in any country globally and install the final conversion kit.


Previously, Nakai San would post the body kit directly to customers. However this has changed since June 2023, and body kits will only be posted out to an RWB partner in your country, and he also insists the car build takes place at a location of an RWB partner site.


Should customers insist that a car build takes place at a place other than at an RWB partner’s site, then charges will apply, and depending on where you want the build to take place, Nakai-San will quote for this separately.

RWB Has partners in most countries; don’t hesitate to contact the partner of your country. If a partner listed does not have a website ready or you are having difficulty locating a partner, please complete the contact form. We will pass your details on to the relevant people who will contact you.

When you place your order, it can take anywhere from six months up to 2 years before you are allocated a slot to have your car completed; you will be notified of progress. However, RWB UK has preferential treatment from Nakai San, and once you have ordered your kit, we can usually get your build conducted sooner.

You need a 911 Porsche; if you do not, we can help locate a suitable vehicle within your budget. All you need to tell us is what model you prefer, and we can help you decide which model to go for. If unsure, fill out the contact form and write your question. We can project manage the entire build for you from start to finish.

There are strict guidelines from Nakai San regarding people profiting from merchandise sales. However, he doesn’t restrict merchandise as long as simple rules are followed.

  • All designs must meet the approval of RWB partners in your country.
  • The partners will get the merchandise approved from Nakai San
  • Specific quantities must be declared from the outset
  • Royalty payments will need to be paid to Nakai San.
  • Speak to your RWB partner before producing any merchandise material.

RWB Cars are usually built to a customer’s personal preference and therefore some vehicles have had hundreds of hours of work and countless funds invested to produce the end result, sometimes people situations change vehicles do come on the market and they’re usually priced accordingly, some people do not want to wait to build an RWB and would prefer purchasing one at any cost but the fun is in designing and building your own, one came up for sale recently for over $250,000.

There are four main body kits available one is for the Porsche 930, 993 964 and even a backdate version, each car has its own specific kit and parts cannot be interchanged. There may be new announcements in the future if another model is introduced but you will have to wait, if or when the day comes.

At the moment, the models of Porsches can be modified to an RWB: a G-Body – 911 930 – 911 964 – 911 993 – 911 996 – 911 997.

No other car can become an RWB as Nakai-San only builds Porsches.

No, your vehicle does not need to be sent to Japan, the conversion will be completed in the country of your build usually at the partners place.

Yes, you can, if you let us know where you would like to visit we can arrange for someone to welcome you.

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RAUH-Welt Begriff which means “Rough World Concept” or RWB for short, Created by Akira Nakai-San a Japanese car tuner who turned his passion for air cooled Porsche’s into a world-wide movement by redesigning them in to drivable art.

Zweite Entwicklung means, second development.