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Akira Nakai

Redefining Automotive Passion with RWB Rauh Welt Begriff

In the realm of automotive customisation, there are visionaries who transcend the boundaries of conventional design and ignite a revolution of creativity. One such visionary is Akira Nakai, the founder of RWB Rauh Welt Begriff. Renowned for his distinctive and audacious Porsche creations, Nakai-San has become a legend in the automotive world. Let’s delve into the life, philosophy, and ground-breaking work of Akira Nakai, shedding light on his immense contributions to the automotive industry.

Early Life and Passion for Cars:
Akira Nakai was born in Chiba, Japan, on October 15, 1970. From a young age, he developed an unwavering passion for cars, constantly immersing himself in automotive culture. Nakai-San’s fascination with Porsches began in the late 1980s when he saw a Porsche 930 Turbo on the streets of Japan. The vehicle’s sleek lines and raw power left an indelible mark on his mind, igniting a lifelong love affair with the German marque.

The Birth of RWB Rauh Welt Begriff:
In 1997, Nakai-San established his custom car shop, Rauh Welt Begriff, which translates to “Rough World Concept.” With RWB, Nakai-San sought to push the boundaries of Porsche customisation, blending aggressive aesthetics with track-ready performance. His unique vision focused on widening the bodywork, adding distinctive over fenders, and enhancing aerodynamics to create a truly unique driving experience.

Signature Design Philosophy:
What sets Nakai-San’s work apart is his unwavering commitment to preserving the soul and character of each Porsche he transforms. His designs are a harmonious blend of form and function, drawing inspiration from classic racing cars and fusing them with a modern, aggressive edge. The wide-body conversions, the iconic riveted fender flares, and the oversized rear wings all contribute to RWB Porsches’ unmistakable aesthetic.

The RWB Experience:
Beyond the visual spectacle, RWB is more than just a customization shop. It has grown into a global community of passionate enthusiasts intensely appreciating Nakai-San’s artistry. Nakai-San meticulously crafts each RWB build himself, often requiring him to fly around the world to work directly with owners. The collaborative process allows enthusiasts to witness the passion and dedication Nakai-San pours into every creation.

Impact on the Automotive World:
Nakai-San’s influence extends far beyond the walls of his workshop. His bold and unapologetic approach to automotive design has inspired countless individuals, reshaping the custom car landscape. RWB Porsches have become automotive icons, garnering worldwide recognition for their striking presence and visceral driving experience.

Akira Nakai is a true visionary who has revolutionised the world of automotive customisation through his extraordinary craftsmanship and unwavering passion for Porsches. His creations under the RWB Rauh Welt Begriff banner have become synonymous with automotive individuality, capturing the hearts and imaginations of enthusiasts worldwide. Nakai-san’s commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing the spirit of automotive creativity has left an indelible mark on the industry, ensuring that his legacy will endure for generations. The UK has always been his focus for building an RWB here; his dream was fulfilled in 2016 when the first RWB surfaced and was named Hibiki by Nakai San, followed by Mai a 993 in 2019.