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UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki

In 2014, our fascination was piqued upon encountering an image of a meticulously crafted widebody Porsche, specifically an RWB 911, within the digital realm. This remarkable automobile left an indelible impression, prompting us to determine how to acquire such an automotive masterpiece diligently. After extensive correspondence spanning the global automotive community and tireless inquiries, our journey led us to establish contact with the esteemed founder of RWB, the distinguished Akira Nakai. In 2016, Nakai San, hailing from Japan, graced us with his presence, promptly facilitating the installation of a meticulously prepared body kit, thereby culminating in the acquisition of the inaugural RWB Porsche on British soil, christened as “Hibiki.”
, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki
, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki

Japanese Creation

Akira Nakai, the founder of RWB, created one of the most beautiful cars to admire; it’s so artistic one feels like you’re driving a Picasso.

German Engineering

Germany is well known worldwide for producing some of the world’s most iconic cars, and no other manufacturer comes close.

make it your way

Our journey commenced with a meticulous search for an impeccably maintained 911 964 featuring low mileage, a manual gearbox, and an accident-free history, regardless of its colour. After exhaustive research on the internet, we successfully identified the ideal vehicle in Japan, which we subsequently imported. This particular car exhibited exemplary condition in all respects; its exterior boasted flawless contours with no signs of rust, and notably, it lacked a sunroof. The interior was equally immaculate, to the extent that, for a brief moment, we entertained the notion of preserving its original state, deeming it almost too pristine for conversion into an RWB widebody. However, our resolve to proceed with the transformation was steadfast, a decision that has since proven to be among the most rewarding in our automotive endeavours.
, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki
, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki

do you want one?

Everything starts with a dream; to make it happen, you need to wake up, so contact us here at RWB UK and let us help you to make your dream a reality.

, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki

Build Day one

Hibiki had extensive work done before the installation; even the gutter rails were removed for a smoother look. Nakai San started by aligning the front bumper and measuring to millimetre perfection. Once the bumpers had been positioned, he commenced to cut out the front and rear wheel arches to accommodate the wide wheels; this process takes time, and by the end of the first day, the standard 964 Porsche started to look more like an RWB, it was a blessing to see him work non-stop, a testament to his passion of creating these iconic cars. By the end of the day, we hosted Nakai San to one of his favourite foods, an Indian curry.


One of the paramount considerations is ensuring that the vehicle is impeccably prepared and primed to accommodate the body kit. This body kit is shipped from Japan in an unpainted condition and necessitates a final paint application in the designated colour before installation. Upon Nakai San’s arrival at the airport, it was expected that he might opt for some rest and commence work the following day. To our astonishment, he expressed a keen desire to initiate work immediately. He accessed his comprehensive toolkit without delay, demonstrating his commitment to inspecting the vehicle and starting the installation process.
, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki

experience something different

The thrill of owning an RWB, which you have had a direct influence on, is beyond imagination, and only those bold enough to take the plunge can enjoy the experience.

The Home of RWB is an ethereal sanctuary in Chiba, Japan, where the legendary Akira Nakai’s passion and creativity intertwine. Here, vibrant hues and captivating melodies converge to create a harmonious haven for dreamers, artists, and visionaries. A global following emerges to step into this sacred space, igniting their soul’s fire and unleashing the transformative power of RWB upon your journey of self-expression and boundless inspiration.

As the esteemed RWB Partners for the UK, we extend a vibrant invitation to explore and embrace the profound world of RWB. Join our passionate RWB family, where we dare to defy convention, forging a life brimming with love, excitement, and limitless possibilities. Together, let us weave a tapestry of inspired existence where every heartbeat resonates with the rhythm of our collective dreams.

, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki

wheels and suspension

The suspension system employed in this project was sourced from KW Suspension, complemented by an HLS lift kit. This lift kit features a user-friendly button on the dashboard, facilitating the effortless adjustment of the vehicle’s ride height. Furthermore, the selection of Works wheels, notable for their substantial size, was executed meticulously by Nakai San to ensure a seamless fitment that aligns precisely with the vehicle’s wheel arches. This meticulous attention to detail contributes to the car’s overall striking and awe-inspiring stance.

build day two

Nakai San started early to make sure he had enough time; on the second day, all body parts received the final fixing, braces added and what seemed to take a long time was aligning the suspension and test fitting the wheels. Nakai San doesn’t waste time, and once the side skirts and the rear wing added, it’s getting to a stage where you cannot wait to take it for a drive. When he bonds the wheel arches to the body, it is a magical sight to see how precisely he glides over the joints to give a perfect seal.
, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki
, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki


One of the pivotal considerations in any automotive build is selecting an appropriate colour scheme. In the context of the Hibiki project, a meticulous choice was made to ensure that the chosen colour harmoniously enhanced the RWB (Rauh-Welt Begriff) build. Consequently, the decision was to employ “Sunset Orange Pearl,” a hue to accentuate the vehicle’s exquisite design lines.

Noteworthy is the colour’s remarkable ability to catch the eye, whether viewed during daylight or under night time illumination. Its vibrant orange hue effectively reflects light, distinguishing the vehicle conspicuously from other automobiles.

additional mods

As is customary with any RWB (Rauh-Welt Begriff) project, the array of customisation possibilities is virtually boundless, with design decisions primarily left to the discretion of the vehicle owners regarding additional modifications. In the case of the Hibiki project, many alterations were executed. Notably, the manual handbrake was replaced with an electronic counterpart, operable by toggling a switch. Regarding prioritising the vehicle’s rear compartment for acoustic excellence rather than passenger seating, two bespoke subwoofers were seamlessly integrated into the back seat area.

To harmoniously blend the interior with the vehicle’s exterior aesthetic, the dashboard clocks received custom painting, a meticulous process masterfully executed by Reap Automotive Design. Similarly, the steering wheel was artfully crafted by MOMO to complement the overall design concept. We sincerely thank our valued sponsors for their significant contributions to the realisation of the UK’s inaugural RWB build project.

, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki
, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki

final touches

After three days of meticulous assembly, we witnessed the creation of an automotive icon, a culmination that far exceeded our initial expectations. This masterpiece’s intricacies and nuances are best appreciated in person, as mere pictures and videos circulating on the internet do not fully capture its exceptional beauty.
The concluding phase involves a meticulous final inspection by Nakai San, whose approval is the green light for the subsequent cleaning and polishing processes. During this phase, Nakai San proudly affixes the RAUH Welt banner to the windscreen, and a heartfelt handshake symbolises the culmination of a collaborative effort. This momentous occasion marks the completion of a once-in-a-lifetime journey, and we extend our deepest gratitude to Nakai San for affording us the privilege of playing a modest role in his passionate pursuit of crafting these iconic automobiles. Finally, Nakai San names the car himself, and in our case, he chose Hibiki because we like Japanese whisky, which also means sound vibration in Japanese.


In addressing the interior aspects of this project, we engaged Recaro, renowned for their exceptional seating solutions, to provide their top-tier “Pole Position” seats. Recaro’s expertise in retrimming interiors made them the logical choice for this endeavour. They meticulously reupholstered the seats and interior panels using Alcantara material, featuring a distinguished touch of double orange stitching. Additionally, a personalised touch was added with the embroidery of the Profusion Customs and RWB logos on the seat headrests.

Several comprehensive enhancements were undertaken to achieve a seamless and harmonious interior transformation. The interior carpets were removed by meticulous smoothing and applying the “Sunset Orange Pearl” paint finish to the interior floor. We extended this attention to detail by addressing the roof lining, which was removed and painted to match the overall theme. This comprehensive internal refurbishment was executed precisely, creating an exquisite masterpiece that perfectly complements the vehicle’s overall aesthetic.

, UK’s No.1 RWB Hibiki