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Purists’ vs. Modifiers

Let’s explore the differences and comparisons between purists and modifiers in the context of car enthusiasts:



Purists Are people who will never replace any part of their car which is not from the factory and live to maintain long-term investment value.

Emphasis on Originality:

Purists are deeply dedicated to preserving a car’s original condition. They prioritise maintaining all factory specifications, parts, and design elements. For them, the car’s historical authenticity is paramount.

Historical Significance:

Purists often gravitate towards classic, vintage, or historically significant cars. They appreciate these vehicles as a piece of automotive history and work diligently to ensure they remain true to their original form.

Collectibility and Investment:

Purists believe maintaining a car in its original condition enhances its collectibility and long-term investment value. They may participate in collector car auctions and events to showcase and appreciate original vehicles.

Maintenance and Preservation:

Purists invest significant time and resources in preserving and maintaining their cars. They might meticulously restore vehicles to their original state and source authentic replacement parts when necessary.

Community Involvement:

Purists are often active members of classic car clubs and societies, focusing on classic automobiles’ historical significance and restoration.



Modifiers Are people who do not worry about investment value and live to enjoy their cars now as they might not be around in the future. Some modifications exceed value expectations, and they want their vehicles today but still make huge long-term gains if the changes are done in context.

Customisation and Personalisation:

Modifiers are enthusiasts who enjoy modifying their cars to enhance performance, aesthetics, or individuality. They see vehicles as canvases for creative expression.

Performance Enhancement:

Modifiers may prioritise upgrading engines, suspensions, brakes, and other components to improve a car’s performance. They seek aftermarket parts and tuning to achieve their desired results.

Unique Aesthetics:

Modifiers frequently customise the appearance of their cars with body kits, paint jobs, decals, and other visual enhancements. Their goal is to make their vehicles stand out and reflect their style.

Community and Culture:

Modifiers engage with the tuner, hot rod, or custom car communities. They attend car shows and events that celebrate modified and customised vehicles.

Philosophy and Approach:

A commitment to historical accuracy and preservation drives purists. They see themselves as custodians of automotive history. In contrast, Modifiers are motivated by creativity and individualism, seeking to push the boundaries of what their cars can be.

Resale Value:

Purists aim to maximise their cars’ long-term resale and collector value by preserving originality. On the other hand, modifiers often acknowledge that their modifications can affect resale value and are willing to accept this trade-off for personal satisfaction.

Maintenance and Restoration:

Purists engage in meticulous restoration work to ensure their cars are historically accurate. Modifiers focus on maintenance to keep their customised vehicles in peak condition, even if some parts have been modified or replaced.

Legal and Regulatory Considerations:

Purists usually face fewer legal and regulatory hurdles since their cars typically comply with original factory specifications and standards. Modifiers need to navigate these issues due to the alterations they make.

Personal Satisfaction and Identity:

Purists enjoy preserving automotive history and view their cars as connected to the past. For Modifiers, personal satisfaction comes from the creative process of customisation and the uniqueness of their vehicles.

Community Engagement:

Purists often belong to clubs celebrating classic cars’ historical significance and originality. Modifiers are active within communities that embrace modification, tuning, and customisation as a form of automotive art.

It’s important to note that there is no right or wrong approach in the world of car enthusiasts. Both purists and modifiers share a deep passion for automobiles, albeit with different focuses and philosophies. The choice between these two approaches largely depends on individual preferences, the type of car, and the desired experience with the vehicle. Some car enthusiasts may even straddle the line between these two groups, finding a balance that suits their interests and goals. RWB owners go beyond modifying and owning a piece of history in the making to enjoy today. Contact us now.