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Stella Collection – DEEP X RWB ORIGINAL TEE

SKU: DE800-C-HS-I-BLK Category
  • 100% Cotton Jersey
  • 10 pieces allocation to RWB United Kingdom only.


DEEP Lifestyles Supply Co. (DPLS) is a Los Angeles based brand with the concept of intertwining the lifestyle elements

of car enthusiast, Hip-Hop, art, and other form of street cultures; putting it under one roof. This concept was derived by

ND, the founder of DPLS. His dream was driven by diligence, determination, and dedication to establish DPLS. This

brand reflects his love of Los Angeles and its street cultures.

Rauh-Welt Begriff (RWB) was once a well-known Japanese drifting team. Today RWB has transformed into a

professional Porsche tuning company. Every modified Porsche is a handmade masterpiece by Akira Nakai. From years

of experience working with Porsche, Nakai superb skills are distinctive. Each car modified by RWB has its own unique

features, Nakai will take time to understand the owner’s habits. Based on the preferences of the Porcshe owner, he will

design a one of a kind car that is only unique to its owner.

DPLS is teaming up with RWB, fusing Los Angeles street wear with Japanese car tuning culture to spark a highly

anticipated collection. We made a special trip to Japan to shoot a series of photos and videos on the streets of Japan. This

limited time collection is irresistible to RWB enthusiasts and streetwear fans for its unique charm and expression.

With the traditional RAUH-Welt label in front and the Stella number plaque at the rear, this design forms the basic must-have collection for RWB and Stella fans!

A seasonal collaboration between RWB Japan and DEEP Lifestyle Los Angeles brings us a black and gold collection, a tribute to the original Stella! (She had been hiding for good reason. Stay tuned)

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