About RWB

Every boy has a dream, but to make it come true one has to wake up and turn the dream into a reality. Akira Nakai San’s passion for Cars drove him to create a vehicle that has now become every boys dream.

Akira Nakai is the man behind the tuning company RWB – Rauh-Welt Begriff, which means “Rough World Concept,” His workshop is now 20 years old, located in a town called Chiba in Japan not far from Tokyo, still working from the same premises where the original concept of wide-body cars took hold, its not often he climes out from under a 911 Porsche.

Picasso was the only painter that had a mass audience in his own lifetime, this can now be said of Akira Nakai San whose work is in high demand worldwide. RWB cars are based on passion and are not meant to be seen as a business, every RWB owner is regarded as an RWB family member.

Watching his work makes you realise this is a man who is totally dedicated to his craft, an automotive artist who uses the car owners emotion and personality to create and design the final outcome.  The RWB creations cannot be just bought over the internet to install yourself, but every car around the world will only be built by Akira Nakai personally. His work creating super-agressive  Porsche’s has an almost cult like following worldwide.

You may own a Ferrari, Lamborghini or some super car, but a short drive around London makes you realise they exist around every corner, don’t feel so special now do you? Drive an RWB and you suddenly raise yourself way above any vehicle on the roads today, the stance, Poise and sheer beauty combined with a roaring engine means you are a person who doesn’t follow the masses.

Nakai San made a name for himself racing the Toyota AE86 tuning scene, taking it to the next level slamming his AE86, running negative camber and went to the next level by adding super-sized arches and wheels, this was the birth of RWB.

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