RWB Body Kits

RWB 993 Wide Body

The RAUH-Welt Begriff 993 Body Kit is the widest, most aggressive of them all.

All RWB cars come with the choice of two wheels options (SSR and Work).  The wheels measure 18×10.5J (Front) and 18x12J (Rear). Nakai-san will usually fit additional wheel spacers on the car following the installation of the kit.

RWB 964 Wide Body

The RWB 964 body kit is an evolution of the 930 RWB kit featuring the same aggressive fender flares and wing. This variant receives different front and rear bumper styles to complement the rest of the car.

The RWB 964 Wide Body kit is available in both a standard street spec as well as a race spec that features a lower front lip.

RWB 930 Wide Body

This wide body kit for the Porsche 911 (930) is what started it all. The legendary “Stella” car owned by Nakai-san himself is a RWB 930 Wide Body.

Featuring super aggressive fender flares, a giant wing and new front and rear bumpers, this RWB kit will bring out the monster in any 930 Porsche.

RWB 911 Narrow Style

This RWB body kit is designed for street use offering owners of the Porsche 964 a more tame, “narrower”, wide body style.

For those who want a more less aggressive body style for daily use, RWB 911 Narrow Style is for you.

All RAUH-Welt Begriff cars are recommended to use the race proven Aragosta Coilover Suspension system.