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Who would have thought that in a rural part in Japan called Chiba, Japanese culture was making history, Akira Nakai San following his passion to create art in the form of wide-bodied Porsche cars has been pushing past limits and creating his own unique signature. His tuning company called Rauh Welt Begriff (RWB) has the world’s automotive industry following his creations, even gaining recognition through the Need for Speed game on Playstation.

Translating Rauh Welt Begriff means Rough World Concept, sticking to the norm is out of the question, most vehicles have clean lines, Nakai however believes each car has its own character and soul and one doesn’t have to follow the masses, no matter what others may think, we regard him as a Picasso of the car world.

The UK’s first Porsche 964 build is scheduled for April 2016 and this will be documented in detail, if you have a Porsche or would like to acquire one, contact us and let us deliver you a car of your dreams and become an RWB family member. RWB is not business led but Passion led.


UK’s First 964 RWB Project

We are embarking on a fantastic build on our 1991 Porsche 911 964, you will be able to monitor the entire build with video’s and Images.

Our vision is to create the best RWB Porsche out there, in order  for that to happen we had to make sure we found a perfect car, many months were spent scouring the Internet, talking to dealers and we looked at quite a few however one thing we did learn is that there isn’t that many high-quality cars out there.

Mind you we were looking for something quite special, it had to be a European spec car, preferably with no sunroof as used in the RS models, manual gearbox was crucial, low mileage is a must and a C4. well our search stopped when we found the perfect car in as new condition..

We will post the build on a separate page which will link from here.

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RWB UK Newsletter 01 – Rauh-Welt Begriff

RWB UK Newsletter 02 – Rauh-Welt Begriff

RWB UK Newsletter 03 – Rauh-Welt Begriff

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